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Tigerstripe Buckminster Actions

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Buckminster Actions may be used to add functionality to the Buckminster materialization process. For example, Tigerstripe supplies an action to automate the installation of Tigerstripe Generators. For more information on Buckminster Actions please see the Component Specifications section of the Buckminster Introduction.

Action Definitions


This action will trigger the automated installation of a Tigerstripe Generator.


  • projectname - The project name of the Tigerstripe Generator to be installed.


This section will show you how to configure and trigger a Generator installation using the tigerstripe.installGenerator Buckminster Action.

CSPEC Definition

  1. Open Eclipse to the workspace that was materialized in the Tigerstripe Buckminster Integration tutorial.
  2. Open the Equipment-model project and look over the included buckminster.cspec file.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <cs:cspec xmlns:cs="" name="Equipment-model" componentType="tigerstripe">
    <cs:private name="classlevel-generator" path="ClassLevel-Generator/" type="tigerstripe.generator"/>
    <cs:public name="tigerstripe.installGenerator" actor="tigerstripe.installGenerator">
    <cs:property key="projectname" value="ClassLevel-Generator"/>
    <cs:attribute name="classlevel-generator"/>
  • The first two lines declare that this is XML; it follows the CSPEC format, and it describes a component called Equipment-model.
  • The next section defines an artifact. This artifact has a local alias of classlevel-generator, and is referencing the directory path ./ClassLevel-Generator. It is also defined as a tigerstripe-generator type.
  • The next section defines the Tigerstripe Action named tigerstripe.installGenerator. Note that the actor type is also defined to be tigerstripe.installGenerator.
  • This action has one property defined as a key/value pair. In the example above, the Actor property is projectname and the value is the Generator project name (ClassLevel-Generator).
  • Lastly, this Action has one prerequisite. This section simply states that the classlevel-generator artifact defined above must be available before this action may be triggered.

Triggering the Action

  1. Select the Equipment-model project and right click to bring up the context-menu.
  2. Select Buckminster -> Invoke Action...
  3. From the "Actions of Equipment-model" dialog, select tigerstripe.installGenerator, and click "OK".
  4. Verify that the generator was installed by selecting the Tigerstripe -> Plugins... menu item. The "ClassLevel-Generator" should be listed in the "Deployed Tigerstripe Plug-ins" table.
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