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TigerstripeCommunity 20080414


  • E. Dillon
  • D. Keysell
  • R. Craddock
  • J. Strawn
  • S. Jerman
  • J. Worrell


  • Status of builds/update site [1]
    • Build is still being set up. Running into Ant scp task issues with Authentication. Need to contact Webmaster at Eclipse.
  • Update on Annotation contribution
    • Finalizing contribution details with Eclipse Legal. Should be done by end of the week.
    • Would consider Yuri for committers status after that.
  • Release Plan review (0.3)
    • Plan was reviewed and approved.
  • Bugzilla review
    • Very little progress due to internal project priorities for everybody.
  • Face2face Committer summit
    • April 21-23, Seattle.
    • Agenda is on the wiki.
  • AOB

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