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This page summarize backward compatibility related topics.

11th November 2010, version 1.2.0

The build of the 11th of November introduces the following changes:

  • Teneo depends on Hibernate 3.6.0 or later (was 3.3.2 before)
  • Teneo depends on javax.persistence 2.0.0 or later (was 1.0.0 before)
  • The HbEntityDataStore getEntityManagerFactory and getEntityManager methods will return a WrappedEntityManagerFactory and WrappedEntityManager object which support the EntityManagerFactory/EntityManager interfaces. The original EntityManagerFactory/EntityManager are wrapped by these objects and can be retrieved by the resp. methods getDelegate/getDelegateEntityManager. The reason that this wrapping is necessary is because of a bug in the Query implementation of the Hibernate EntityManager. Teneo works arounds this issue in the wrappers. See the javadoc on the WrappedEntityManagerFactory class.
  • Binary Incompatibility:
    • the dataStore getProperties method has been replaced by the getDataStoreProperties method
    • the dataStore setProperties method has been deprecated and replaced by the setDataStoreProperties method