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This page provides the required docuware for the Teneo v1.2.0 Release Review, as part of the upcoming Helios Simultaneous Release.

Martin Taal (mtaal @

Release Review : June 11, 2010

Communication Channel : newsgroup

Process Documentation :


Teneo is a database persistency solution for EMF using Eclipselink or Hibernate. It supports automatic creation of EMF to Relational Mappings and the related database schemas. The solution contains a runtime layer to support specific EMF features. EMF Objects can be stored and retrieved using advanced queries (HQL or EJB-QL).

EMF resource implementations are provided for integration with EMF Editors. The persistence logic and mapping can be controlled using EJB3/JPA-like annotations. Most of the EJB3/JPA mapping standard is supported.


In the 1.2.0 release Teneo:

  • adds support for EAV mapping
  • additional annotation support
  • almost 90 bugs have bee resolved/fixed

Non-Code Aspects

The Teneo documentation has been moved to the Eclipse wiki at this location. New example projects have been created and the download and install procedure for users has been greatly improved.

Testing & Packaging

Teneo now makes use of the Hudson new continuous build system. Teneo is being build using buckminster, for more information see this page.

The continuous build includes running approx. 450 testcases.

Teneo is integrated into the Helios Release Train since December 2009.

Community & Support

  • Active newsgroup with several posts a week
  • Presentations at EclipseForum and EclipseCon
  • Blog posts on
  • Bugzilla report (27th of May 2010):

Teneo HeliosReview BugReport.png

IP Issues

The Eclipse IP Process has been strictly followed and all plugins contain the appropriate about.html and license files.

The Teneo IP Log is available from [1]

Project Plan

The current project plan is available from [2].

The next Teneo version will include support for the JPA 2.0 standard and may contain a completely new annotation model approach as it is currently being implemented for the Texo project.

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