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Talk:Using Sourceforge with Mylyn

Update site not available anymore?

I have followed this tutorial for Indigo (3.7) but could not install the generic web connector from the given update site (i.e., The available updates form presents an "Error Contacting Site" Error: No software site found ...

Unfortunately there are several mentions of this "generic" MyLyn Web Connector, but none of the download sites seem to be valid.

Gerd Aschemann (, 2011-12-16

ilg 11:28, 3 January 2013 (UTC) - As of today, the valid incubator URL is; it returns Not Found when opened in a browser, but Eclipse can use it for installing new software.

Other comment:

I've followed this tutorial and ended up receiving an error from Mylyn > "Invalid XML: Error on line 125..."
It ends up that an advertising from the SF web page was buggy and making the connector fail.

So my suggestion is to add two modifications to this how-to:

  1. Instead of using the regular web page as input for the connector (ie: ${serverUrl}/tracker2/?group_id=${group_id}&atid=${atid}&set=custom&_status=1) it is easyer to use the RSS feed for the bugs, just changing the line to "${serverUrl}/tracker2/?group_id=func=rssfeed&${group_id}&atid=${atid}&set=custom&_status=1"
  2. The URLs provided are refering to ${serverUrl}/tracker2, but the current SF page uses ${serverUrl}/tracker (without the 2). 17:13, 14 October 2010 (UTC)

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