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Talk:Swordfish Documentation: OSGi Configuration Agent

Comment from Volodymyr Zhabiuk:

"There are several mistakes in the description of the OSGi Configuration Agent feature. Will provide my comments inlined into the statements that are incorrect

Current Problem / Pain

Currently the configuration is distributed between multiple Bundles. This makes it inconvenient to administrate configurations.

All the configurations are stored within the org.eclipse.swordfish.core bundle

When a new Plugin/OSGi Bundle is added to Swordfish it can immediately retrieve al necessary configuration from the Configuration Bundle

Already done

Provide a Configuration agent, which retrieves configuration from OSGi bundles. One Bundle contains all Swordfish configuration. This can be installed and deployed into Equinox. This enables dynamic re-configuration.

It’s almost done. Only the dynamic reconfiguration feature needs to be tested. The Configuration Agent have been implemented"

Clarification of concept

Question from Joerg Drescher: Is there a better description regarding the "configuration bundle" ?

Volodymyr Zhabiuk wrote:

Configuration bundle contains all Swordfish configuration. It also starts the Configuration Agent, that tracks ConfigurationConsumers and different kinds of ConfigurationSources.
ConfigurationConsumer is basically the configuration listener, that can be subscribed to receive configuration for the specified PID.
ConfigurationSource supplies configuration for the Configuration Agent. As for now there are two types of ConfigurationSources:

  • PollableConfigurationSource
  • ConfigurationSource that posts OSGI events in case configuration has been changed dynamically