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Talk:Swordfish Documentation: Architecture: Dynamic Endpoint Resolution

--Juergen.kindler.sopera.de 06:42, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

  • Only the captions on hierarchy level 1 are mandatory. On level 2 I added proposals that may fit for this context only.
  • Have to adjust the package names of the interfaces in the diagrams
  • I would rather like to link to the generated JavaDoc packages in the API section (unfortunately current JavaDocs completely outdated)
    • Pictures are harder to maintain.
    • The package info for org.eclipse.swordfish.core.resolver in org.eclipse.swordfish.api should contain top level info that would then also be available inside the IDE.
  • Why are some interfaces/classes in the api and some in the core bundle?
  • Should we explain how the configuration works?

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