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Talk:SharedProjectUserStory 1

There are a couple of implications contained in this user story.

1. The communication mechanism between the client and server needs to be agreed upon. I (Joel) vote for using ECF's shared object facility for proxying access to both the Project Home and the individual project components. The interface presented by the shared object should bear some resemblence (most likely be a super-set) to the management interface exposed by WSDM.

2. The user story mentions nothing about how the shared Project gets created and configured. This was intentionally omitted for the purposes of scoping this user story. The implementation of the management-oriented interfaces will be left as a stretch goal for this iteration, or pushed off to subsequent iterations.

3. The Corona Plug-in is mentioned, but not described. Again, this is intentional. At least from the UI perspective, the initial iteration could be provided by a simple menu request and a modal dialog.