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Can we express what are the requirements and what are our goals ?

For my point of view, I prefer to have all stuff related to a language under a layer dedicated to this language, rather than having it sprayed under different layers.

 There is several reasons : 
- When we will add new languages, we have only to add the corresponding layer
- Language will be more easily plug and play (like diagrams and other papyrus stuff)
- Language will be more independent one from the other. Common stuff can be put in a shared layers

So the proposal could be :

- language.common - all common stuff
-- - one sublayers for each important category
-  - all things related to java
- language.cpp - all things related to c++
-- language.cpp.generator
-- language.cpp.reverse
-- language.cpp.profile
- ...

Hi Cedric, I updated the proposal on the main page, much more aligned with your's now


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