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Talk:EclipseLink/UserGuide/MOXy/Simple Values/Single Values/XMLDirectMapping

RickB: In addition to showing XML Schema and Java Code, we should also show how each mapping is defined using Annotations and Eclipselink OXM.

RickB: Type in "XML Direct Mapping to Text Node by Position", <ame> should be <name&gt

More from Rick B:

  • I think it would make more sense to have "Mapping to an Attribute" first, followed by the "Mapping to a Text Node" section. Attribute is very simple and this would get it out of the way before talking about the numerous Text Node options.
  • I think "Mapping to a Simple Text Node" should be at the end of the "Mapping to a Text Node" section. While it is technically the simplest mapping, I don't think it's as common as the "Mapping to a Text Node in a Simple Sequence" -- I would wager that Simple Sequence is what most people will be looking for first.
  • Because the examples on these pages are mere snippets of Java code & OXM, it will be important to have some sort of "big picture" example in the "Overview / Metadata" section to introduce the concept of OXM, so that by the time the user is seeing these snippets, they know what they are and where they go.