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Original Proposed Topics List

--Doug 16:29, 11 May 2010 (UTC)

  • Caching: shared, isolated, lock types, concurrency analysis
  • Mapping
    • JPA
    • EclipseLink extended JPA
    • Native metamodel and legacy configuration
    • Programmatic configuration and customization
  • Query
    • Native Query execution paths
    • JPA Query -> Native Query with Hints (JPQL & Criteria)
    • Native (SQL) Queries
    • Stored Procedure/Function
    • Statement & Call
  • Transactions
    • UnitOfWork operations
    • RepeatableWriteUnitOfWork
  • Metadata: project, Descriptors & Policies, Mappings, Processing
  • Session types
  • Management & Diagnostics
  • Dynamic Persistence
  • SDO with JPA
  • MOXy with JPA
  • EclipseLink and OSGi
    • Gemini JPA
    • OSGi build & testing

Perform any architectural/design reviews for long term changes we want to work towards

  • Further modularizing the bundles
  • Metadata direction for extended functionality versus spec
  • Horizontal data partitioning
  • SessionBroker for JPA
  • Adopting Gemini JPA
  • Database Notification of Change Solutions

Prepare new and review overall project policies

  • Addition of new 3rd party dependencies
  • Deprecation and removal of API policies
  • JPA extensions and risks with future specs
  • Future Spec versions: plans and wish lists
  • Development process: release planning, burn-down, status reports
  • Quality measurements: code coverage, find bugs, ...
  • Future project Direction and priorities: What is the next big thing for EclipseLink?

If you have additional topics please add them to the discussion page.

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