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Talk:EPIC Ad Copy

My ranked order preference include

  Add3, Add2, Add1, Add4

Add4 severely narrows the scope for an initial add. I would not necessarily rule it out in the long run to target key technologies, but can't help think it would be perceived as playing favoritism.

Add1 must be contingent on being able to fairly and randomly present all plugins listed at EPIC, or at least all member company listings

Putting on my marketing hat, Does the word "Discover" provide enough call to action to incent readers to click on the add? I know we don't provide downloads, but the word "Download" has a higher click through frequency in my experience.

Lastly, since the foundation is currently behind EPIC now, we should give the endorsement using phrases such as "The official Eclipse plugin site". I also would recommend using words such as "Open" and "Free"

So modifying Add4 might be as follow:

Screen 1: The Official Eclipse plug-in Site

Screen 2: Free and Open to all

Screen 3: Download over 600 Eclipse-based solutions

--Maher.genuitec.com 13:04, 26 August 2006 (EDT)