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Talk:COSMOS Design 237921

The talk page for http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_237921
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Arwe's comments

  • Change "Post Schema Validation Infoset (PSVI) is the ability to..." to "Post Schema Validation Infoset (PSVI) is the output of XML Schema processing. Using it provides the ability to..."
  • Acyclic example in PSVI section
    • "The code retrieves the annotation of the type associated with the current element to determine if the attribute sml:acyclic is set:" Maybe I need new glasses, but I don't think acyclic has anything to do with annotations so I'm not sure what this example and the looping is trying to communicate.
    • It appears that domDocument is invariant in the loop too, I don't see the connection between the first 3 LOC and the domDocument stuff.
  • What is the interaction between SML identity constraints and schema binding? If a set of schemas is bound to instance documents A, B, G, M, and a partially overlapping set of schemas is bound to instances C, D, with a sml:key constraint, is is legal for the content of A and C to have the same value?
  • "HeaderContentHandler is used to determine the identity, rule binding, and the schema binding of the SML-IF document. The structures build by this"
    • "build" to "built"
    • Text appears to assume that rule bindings are between rule documents and instance documents; rule binding in fact are between rule documents and any document in the model (including other rule documents, schema documents).
  • With all the hazy Schema words around validation, I'm not clear from the diagram exactly when documents are checked for XML well-formedness, that schema documents are valid with respect to the schema for schemas, rule documents are valid Schematron documents, and when each of the constraints on instances are checked (assuming this last is the only thing happening in "validators").
  • "InstanceContentHandler schema parses each instance document to build the data structures required for validating the SML constraints. Once the document content is parsed, SMLMainValidator invokes each validator to check the state of each constraint."
    • This indicates to me that InstanceContentHandler is assessing the validity of instances, and in a later phase the SML constraints are being checked. I don't see how they can be effectively checked without using PSVI, yet I see no data structures (i.e. PSVI) flowing from InstanceContentHandler to the validator stages. That seems "odd".
    • change "schema parses..." to something like "assesses the validity of each instance document with respect to its schema document(s), resulting in PSVI that will be used to validate the SML constraints". The latter will make much more sense to Schema wonks.