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  • Tania, Martin, Paul, Bill, Mark, Ali, Jimmy, David, JT, Joel, Kishore, Valentina

i9 Enhancements

Team set the following targets for the i9 P1 enhancements:

Targetted for 1/29/08 at noon:

  • 209980: MDR (and Data Manager) deployment outside of OSGi environment - new target: 2/5/08
  • 216400: logging data manager - Empty Log reports - complete

Targetted for 2/5/08:

  • 216387: Broker and domain on different machines - Joel will post request for more information
  • 214903: Provide a mechanism for testing the registration service and client - Ali
  • 215267: Provide support for adding a federating CMDB to COSMOS framework - Ali

Targetted for 2/12/08:

  • 215135: Establish a process for running JUnits against a COSMOS build

Targetted for 2/15/08:

  • 205825: Update SML validator implementation based on changes to the SML latest draft - Ali, Valentina
  • 205826: Update DataCenter model based on latest SML changes - Valentina

i9 Enhancement Designs


  • There are still some open questions on this design. We should also make sure the formatting of our designs is consistent. Bill will update the design page
  • Will schedule a follow-on design review for January 29
  • Target for completion of implementation: February 5


  • Will there be an abstract class for adopters to subclass? Yes
  • We should consider renaming packages so as not to give the impression that we are building a federating cmdb. Current naming is: org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.federating.cmdb


  • We should also be clear on the package names included here


  • There are 3 parts of this: common work, J2EE projects, OSGi
  • 208274 will focus on common work and J2EE first. If we do not get to OSGi, we will open a separate enhancement for that piece of work.


  • We need another ER in i9 to line up the programming models with JAX-WS implementations and make it dependent on 209980 - Hubert will create this ER.
  • There is currently not a use case opened for this


  • We need to talk to Mark about the scope of this


  • Tying to the generic query builder would be more effective than directly linking it directly to the metadata