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Minutes - COSMOS Monthy Summit - January 4, 2008

Attendees: Tania Makins, Martin Simmonds, Paul Stratton, Shivy, Bill Muldoon, Mark Weitzel, David Whiteman, Sheldon Lee-Loy, Leonard Richardson, Hubert Leung, Ali Mehregani, Don Ebright, Joel Hawkins, Jimmy Mohsin, Toni Drapkin, John Todd, Jack Devine, Jason Losh, Valentina Popescu


  • Update use cases for review at Jan. 9 architecture call - Jimmy, Bill, Valentina
  • Update schedule to reflect revised i9 high-level design date of 1/16 - Tania
  • Open set of enhancements for i9 for build packaging work - Balan, Leonard
  • Work with Rich Vasconi to coordinate documentation planning and assignments - Tania

Welcome back & Happy New Year! Status of where we are w/i8


  • Should see the design for the security by Monday
  • Logging is one of the items on the agenda for next Wednesday's call. So, at this point everything is on track.


  • CMDBf migration is pretty much complete. The only thing left is the metadata enhancement (212185), which is assigned to Bill. The design discussion can be handled in the Architecture call or the Resource Modeling call. We may need to get Joel involved. The bulk of the code should reside in the CMDBf.services plug-in. Hubert, David, Ali, Bill, Mark will meet on Monday 12:00-1:30pm. Mark will send an invite.


  • Broker and domain service group work is complete. Working on CMDBf service (query not working yet). Also working on figuring out how to make the data managers expose the J2EE using the new code from Joel. Sitll using the WSDM packages in DC...need to look at migrating this. Hope to get that done next week, otherwise the data managers will still need to use the OSGi for this iteration. Also, this part of the code is not in the build yet. Can Balan and Leonard help? Yes. May need Joel's help on the WSDL part as well (migrating the code to use J2EE).


  • We haven't done any work related to SML in this iteration. Will do some work in i9 related to this


  • The data collection pieces should be added to the build at least a few days before the i8 test so we can test integration with data visualization.
  • Hubert will try to get something (at least a hand build) to Sheldon before Friday
  • UI is on track. The issues that Jack covered with Len and John are issues with data visualization. The issue with the DC dependency is the other issue. Other than that, it's on track.

Use Case Discussion

Federation Use Cases

  • 2.1.1 Provide a reconciliation taxonomy to manage assets across a multi-vendor-based enterprise:
    • Jimmy will remove 2.1.1 We do not want to provide a reconciliation taxonomy in COSMOS.
  • 2.1.2 Provide tooling / approach to identify name conflicts across the reconciliation taxonomy:
    • Jimmy will keep, but rephrase (partially covered in 208100).
  • 2.1.3 Provide reference implementations / guidelines for constructing an MDR for products that expose their data via ODBC or JDBC:
    • Jimmy will rephrase - the actor is a sys admin and she would like to integrate an MDR that was built outside the COSMOS framework.
  • 2.1.4 & 2.1.6 Support reference implementations for accessing File/DB2/Oracle/SQL Server - based MDRs running on Windows, Linux, and UNIX / Provide programmer documentation and guidelines for integrating MDRs into COSMOS :
    • The use case in this is similar to the idea of adopting an existing data store into an MDR which happens to be backed by something like DB2. Some of that is described in the documents that Ali and Hubert have created. The use case could be: the user is adapting an additional relational data store with CMDBf APIs and talk to what the user has to do in a high-level set of steps. We can cut and paste some of the existing work from Ali in this use case.
    • We should remove these two use cases, since they are actually functional requirements that can be included in a programmers guide
  • 2.1.5 Reference implementation and approach for connecting multiple MDRs in an enterprise scattered across continents, and using different languages  :
    • This is a deployment issue.
  • 2.1.7 Use Case: Performance of the Data Managers must result in performance that is within ??% of using the native Data Adapters:
    • This is a non-functional requirement, rather than a use case.
  • 2.1.8 Create a test suite to verify support of the above constructs and performance on the above platforms and databases:
    • Already covered in the step-by-step guide
  • 2.1.9 Registering an MDR with the COSMOS framework:
    • Valid use case
  • 2.1.10 Registration of Federating CMDB:
    • We should merge this item with 2.1.9, but we need to do something for a federating CMDB
  • 2.1.12 & 2.1.13 Submitting a CMDBf query to an MDR / Visualizing a CMDBf graph response from an MDR :
    • These should be combined. the use case is that the user would query a management data repository
  • 2.1.14 Associate an MDR with a Federating CMDB:
    • We have addressed this in some of the pages Hubert has put together. What we want to address is: How do you get the handshake started? How do you let the federating CMDB know that a new MDR has come up?
  • 2.1.15 Broadcasting MDR query/registration capabilities via service metadata:
    • This is a registration scenario. This does not need to be broadcast. Jimmy will rephrase to : Query an MDR for service metadata. This will be targetted for i9.

We should add a list of steps for each of these use cases. Jimmy will take a pass at this by Wednesday's architecture call.

Collection Use Cases

  • 2.2.1 Client subscription to events:
    • item 3 - add "using WS-Resource properties" to the end of this statement
  • 2.2.3 Report generation on incidents:
    • This is a valid use case. We need to capture the value a bit more clearly in the design document for the incident manager enhancement
    • This would allow event data stores to begin participating in CMDBf
    • User submitting a query is a 2-step process. We should make that clear.

Management Use Cases

  • 2.3.1 Developer creates a Data Manager :
    • This use case should be in the Federation section rather than under Management.
    • Is this just documentation or are we planning to build a tool? We should create a wizard to help the user in this case to give them a quick start to generating a data manager.
    • 208274 is the enhancement opened for this. We should do at least some initial work on this for i9. Hubert will take the lead on this, with help from Bill and some other CA folks. We may need to break this into 2 enhancements.
    • We need to more clearly describe the steps here and make it clear that we are talking about tooling.
  • 2.3.2 Administrator installs the base COSMOS infrastructure:
    • We had talked with Jason about using SDD to install COSMOS. So that may be a good example of an using our own code.
  • 2.3.3 Administrator configures COSMOS Security:
    • We can be more precise in this use case (e.g. Admin establishes credentials. User assigns proper authentication to the user id)
    • This is related to 205863 where we define the design doc.
  • 2.3.4 Administrator installs a Data Manager:
    • Do we need to acknowledge that for a data manager that is an MDR (COSMOS & non-COSMOS)
    • Need more detail on what happens in step 2
    • This is the pre-work to MDR enablement
  • 2.3.5 IT Manager generates a COSMOS report using a Data Manager:
    • This is already covered under Collection. We should merge this with that one.
  • 2.3.6 Administrator upgrades a Data Manager:
    • A sister use case is I want to uninstall a data manager
    • We also need to determine how we shut down a data manager. A web app cannot be shut down, but you can deregister a data manager from the broker.
    • How is the broker impacted by the handshake between data broker and data manager in this case?
    • This is a valid use case, but we need a bit more detail on these steps.
    • We are missing use cases on the WSDM Tooling and annotation (Management Enablement use cases). We should come back with Balan to address these. We should also bring Valentina into this discussion

Generic Functionality Use Cases

  • 2.4.1 SML and SML-IF validation support:
    • Valentina will edit this description to be worded more like a use case

Next steps:

  • On Wednesday's architecture call we will go through the use cases again, and we should have a solid set of i9 enhancements. On the following architecture call, we will assign the enhancements.
  • Move high-level design and sizing completion date for i9 to 1/16. Tania will update the schedule accordingly.

Definition of holistic operational efficiency testing

  • We did not have time to cover this topic. Jimmy has posted a powerpoint presentation to the mailing list. The team should review and post comments by Wednesday, January 9.

Define Adoptability for COSMOS 1.0

Build Packaging for COSMOS:

  • Hubert has created a proposal for packaging COSMOS
  • David opened 210262, which is associated with this.
  • Can we create COSMOS features for installation. Then we could use update manager.
  • Team agrees that we need to change the way we package things on the downloads page. Restructuring this for i9 would be good.
  • This should be updated to include the feature work
  • The demo is for someone who wants to check things out, the SDK package is for a developer who wants to extend the COSMOS framework, and the Tooling package is for someone who wants to deploy COSMOS, but does not want to make changes. We should add a description of the target audience for each package to this page.
  • When Hubert defines the content of each file, he will determine if the SDK and Tooling packages should be combined.
  • We should get a set of enhancements open for i9 for this work - Balan, Leonard

COSMOS Documentation Topics:

  • Hubert has created a table of contents, and we would like to assign topics across the team. Tania will work with Rich to coordinate this.
  • We will post updates on the wiki for now

Update on SDD Activity

  • We are making good progress and are ready to start weekly meetings.
  • We will schedule regular meetings for Tuesdays at 9:00am. Jason will post a meeting invitation to mailing list.
  • Jason will send a list of folks who will be involved to the group so that we can get mentors assigned.
  • We can target the SDD Kickoff for January 22 at 9am.
  • Jason will check on the status of the SDD primer document and see if an early draft is ready to be published.


  • Tania reminded the team to clean-up their outstanding bugs (pre-i7) today.
  • The next summit will be held on Friday, February 8. During this summit we should discuss plans for the F2F in March.