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TPTP Release XML


A release XML is an XML file that contains information about a release of an eclipse project. This file is updated with current information about the project during builds and by automated tasks that are scheduled to run periodically. There are also data in the XML file that require manual configurations.

A release XML is kept for each release. (TPTP Release XML files Information about the project can be retrieved for any release. Since the XML file is stored in CVS, historic data at different point in time of each release can be retrieved. The comparison between release XML files of releases can also provide valuable information about the changes of the project from release to release. The release XML is important for many <release managmenet tasks>.

The release XML includes information on:

  1. Release version
  2. Features: The release XML provides an updated list of features in the release. For each feature, the feature ID, version number, and subfeatures are shown. The list is updated during each build.
  3. Plugins: The release XML provides an updated list of plugins in the release. For each plugin, the plugin ID, version number, and a flag to show whether the plugin has been updated since the previous release. The list is updated during each build.
  4. Committers list and access control: The list of committers of the project and their access control information on eclipse. The access control information shows the write access of modules in CVS and directories on the eclispe server granted to each committer. The committer list and access information can be retrived from the eclispe server with a script. The committer list can be updated periodically by a schedule task.
  5. Project structure: Each project can be structured into sub-projects, and each sub-project can be subdivided into components.
  6. Association of plugins with project components
  7. Association of committers with project components
  8. Association of bugzilla components with project components

Each component is associated with committers, plugins and bugzilla components. These information are configured by the project leads or project managers.

(Note that the committer and project structure sections of the release XML are optional. If the release XML is only used for version tracking purpose, only the Features and Plugins sections are required.)

Tools for updating the release XML

Updating feature and plugin lists during build

Set the "dirty flag" on plugins

Updating committer information

Viewing the Release Information

Tools are available to transform the release XML into an HTML reports to show different views of the XML data.

Project matrix

An <XSLT> is available to show the project structure and the associated plugins, committers, etc. The TPTP project matrix is generated with this XSLT.

Version number comparison

TPTP Feature/Plugin Version Number Tracking Strategy

Eclipse has a versioning guideline, which specifies the rules for changing plugin and feature versions. The TPTP project requires plugin owners to update the version numbers. The build generates a report that compares the versions of feature and plugins of the current release and the previous release. Plugins that require version changes are highlighted.

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