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Attending: Kathy, Oliver, Eugene, Ernest, Paul

Any objections to last weeks summary?

  • No objections update

Evaluating if we need a M5. Tryin go avoid it since there's going to be dual stream development with TPTP4.6.2 and 4.7 already.

4.6.2 update

  • TPTP 4.6.2 I2 development is proceeding. Have thru end of year to do development. Will do test pass in Jan.
  • Team leads to update plugins and features version numbers.
  • BVT update
    • Paul and Joel fixed the last few defects on BVT.
    • After the next year, BVT will run as part of the build.
    • Running on 4 different JVMs (IBM and SUN)
    • Plan to have automating manual test with ABBOT be part of BVT.
    • Big THANKS to Joel and Paul for the extra time spent on getting this done.
    • Will cut down the cost significantly on running tests.
    • BVT currently covering only test project tests. Other projects not there. Eugene and Kathy should look into possibly adding platform and trace tests to BVT. Can ask Paul's help if necessary.

4.7 update

Kathy summarize the plan to branch for TPTP 4.6.2 and use HEAD for TPTP 4.7 in early January.

Kathy had updated the portal to include 4.7 project plan and mark it as simultaneous release of Helios train. Also added TPTP 4.7 to next release in development plan in Web page. Detail schedule link is updated.


No meeting for the rest of 2009. Next meeting on Jan 6. See you in new year! Happy Holiday!

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