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Attending: Kathy, Oliver, Eugene, Paul, Ernest, Joel

Any objections to last weeks summary (TPTP-PMC-20091125)?

  • No objections

4.6.2 update

Nothing to report

4.7 Component Reorganization

Kathy brought forward the proposal to move some components to As-Is and to reduce build time by removing existing components that were reorganized in 4.5 based on 4.7 Component Reorganization

  • In removing BtM from monitoring based on this reorganization, Eugene brought up retiring the Monitoring project while continuing to maintain the empty plug-ins
  • The PMC brought up the following questions: What is involved in retiring the project? How should portal be updated to show the exclusion from the release, for example, not adding a release date?
  • Action Item: Eugene will contact the EMO to find out what needs to be done to retire the Monitoring project during its shutdown
  • Kathy also requested pointers for what to do to show this change on the website

Kathy reviewed the 4.7 Component Reorganization wiki page

  • BtM will be moved to As-Is
  • The As-Is BIRT reporting for Test and Trace, and AGR will remain as they are currently in the build
  • The As-Is components Perfmon, Manual Test (a link will point to a previous release in the build page), BIRT logging and statistical, RCP Log Analyzer and Symptom Catalog Editor, and Log and Trace Analyzer will be removed from the build
  • The Technology Previews will be removed from the build

  • The outlook for starting to work on these changes is early January to coincide with the Helios stream split in order to target the M5 drop
  • A final vote will take place on January 6 at the PMC meeting, TPTP-PMC-20100106, to ensure all PMC members and the community have had a chance to review the changes
  • Action Item: Kathy will send an e-mail to the mailing lists and news group to inform the community of the changes
  • Paul applauded the effort of Kathy and Joel for their work on the Component Reorganization

Joel reviewed the build and packaging changes that will take place with the Component Reorganization

  • Component owners will provide empty contents for BtM and other removed features or plug-ins, such as monitoring, in order to remove their functionality from the installation
  • BIRT Test and Trace, and AGR will continue to be built and packaged in their current format
  • Monitoring will be included in the Update Site to remove the functionality for users upgrading from 4.6.2 to 4.7.x
  • Existing empty components, such as those for LTA, will be removed from the build based on the bugs listed in 4.7 Component Reorganization

The PMC discussed impact of moving tech preview components to As-Is. Kathy will specifically point out this change in the Component Reorganization e-mail to the mailing lists and newsgroup.


  • Kathy posted a 4.7 schedule based on the discussion from previous PMC meeting, TPTP-PMC-20091125. The schedule will be added to the development plan.


Should there be a PMC call next week?

  • Yes, there will be one on December 16
  • No call will take place on December 23 and 30
  • Following call is January 6

There were no further items to discuss

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