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Swordfish: Retention Policy

Retention Policy for Swordfish Builds


Beginning with the Eclipse Helios release cycle (Swordfish 0.10.0 and onward) formal releases are kept for the lifetime of the corresponding Eclipse version they are intended to run with.

Formal releases are

  • Builds included within yearly Eclipse Simultaneous Releases.
  • Builds included within Eclipse Maintenance Releases.
  • Officially released Swordfish builds outside the Eclipse release cycles.

Formal releases are available


  • Currently all formal Swordfish releases are available from the mentioned locations. As soon as possibly required, older distributions might be moved to an (not yet existing) archive site at later point in time.


While developing new releases, a newer milestone build replaces respectively overwrites any older one. The last milestone build will be replaced by the release distribution.


Patch distributions will only be retained until they have been included into the next official maintenance release.

Current Repositories

Repository Repository URL
Swordfish Galileo repository
Swordfish Helios repository
Swordfish ZIP distributions

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