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Stardust/Release Build Plan

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For general Information on our upcoming releases, go to The eclipse Stardust project main page


feature branch repository responsible integration to development
feature/bpmn2-events all
feature/mars build.tools, org.eclipse.stardust, product
feature/maven-migration all
feature/bpmn-events engine
feature/xpdl-bpmn2-coexistence ide
feature/orion-client ui.web
feature/web-modeler-extensions ui.web

Snapshot and release builds:

Date Eclipse build Stardust version build branch feature branch git commit tag name Eclipse version
Jan 21th, 2015 Luna SR2 RC1 2.1.0 release/2.1.0 - - v2.1.0.20141219-1010-GA 4.4.1
Jan 28th, 2015 Mars M5 3.0.0 M5 integration/mars feature/mars - v3.0.0.20150128-0322-M5 4.5.0
Feb 04th, 2015 Luna SR2 RC2 2.1.1 RC2 release/2.1.1 - - v2.1.1.20150203-0859-RC2 4.4.2
Feb 11th, 2015 Luna SR2 RC3 2.1.1 RC3 release/2.1.1 - - v2.1.1.20150211-0149-RC3 4.4.2
Feb 18th, 2015 Luna SR2 RC4 2.1.1 release/2.1.1 - - v2.1.1.20150218-0355-RC4 4.4.2