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  • ...oup attribute on them. E.g., in the schema below, "member" is the head of a substitution group with "file" and "folder" as its members. This allows "file" or "folder" to be used anywhere a "member" element may appear.
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  • ...t never yield a comprehensible overview. It's not surprising that there is a strong aversion to modeling: it simply goes against the grain. In this pres ====What makes an application a “good” application====
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  • ...model (namely COM/DCOM) to a cross-platform service-oriented architecture (SOA) for process control, while enhancing security and providing an information * Write a native Java OPC UA stack. This was observed to be the most portable, but es
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  • | (See [[Asterisk]] service for complete details on SIP, potential new numbers, phone mute commands, et | SOA (PMC)
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