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This special page shows all uploaded files. When filtered by user, only files where that user uploaded the most recent version of the file are shown.

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descDate Name Thumbnail Size User Description Versions
13:15, 10 January (file)14 BDavid (can be deleted)2
15:58, 10 December 2012OneTestJob.png (file)164 KBDavid (example of Hudson job History)1
15:57, 10 December 2012JobParameters.png (file)130 KBDavid (example of Hudson job Parameters)1
15:56, 10 December 2012ListOfTestJobsWin32.png (file)225 KBDavid (example of Hudson job web interface)1
23:07, 25 September 2011Httpreports.png (file)37 KBDavid (example of reports from http logs)1
23:06, 25 September 2011Httpsummary.png (file)50 KBDavid (example of bottom of junit summary page)1
11:36, 14 September 2011Projectlevel.png (file)18 KBDavid (example of project level configuration settings)1
05:22, 20 February 2011LicenseMissed.png (file)21 KBDavid 1
05:22, 20 February 2011NormalCleanup.png (file)18 KBDavid 1
15:47, 10 December 2010SimrelTracker.png (file)34 KBDavid 1
15:18, 10 December 2010SimrelFlagEdit.png (file)15 KBDavid (screen snippet of editing Foundation's Portal metadata)1
00:52, 21 November 2010WTP status phone access.pdf (file)25 KBDavid (Obsolete list. Moving to new provider. )2
16:04, 13 October 2010Buildrepo.png (file)35 KBDavid 2
23:51, 9 April 2010Wtptool.png (file)44 KBDavid (Figure to help illustrate the WTP Releng Tool)1
01:36, 8 April 2010Wtp logo 2010.png (file)41 KBDavid (web tools platform logo circa 2010)1
00:40, 8 March 2010SimRel build.png (file)55 KBDavid 1
00:39, 8 March 2010SimRel login.png (file)47 KBDavid 1
01:09, 7 March 2010SimRel Exception.png (file)12 KBDavid (snippet showing exception box)1
01:00, 7 March 2010SimRel Subprojectgrouping.png (file)8 KBDavid (snippet that shows grouping)1
00:47, 7 March 2010SimRel trackWithParent.png (file)7 KBDavid (snippet of tracking tool showing track with parent option)1
12:39, 3 February 2010Screenshot-1.png (file)29 KBDavid (sample of portal additions for simultaneous release tracking. )1
02:28, 22 January 2009Peter 2 B.JPG (file)99 KBDavid (Peter Joseph deBoer)1
00:07, 2 April (file)2 KBDavid (Two files from Eclipse 3.3.2, to disable P2 in Eclipse 3.4 M6. Note: the "build id" in config.ini has been changed to have the M6 build id, with "NOP2" added, so it'll correctly identify itself in logs, etc.))2
19:44, 26 January (file)2 KBDavid (example of a test.xml file to use in WTP (uploaded as zip, to get wiki to accept it, so unzip if before use). )1
02:23, 9 September 2007Wtplogosmall.png (file)21 KBDavid 1
23:41, 10 April 2007TweakingAccessRules.jpg (file)131 KBDavid (UI for modifying Access rules of required plugins. )1