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DSDP/MTJ/Sign all versions at once

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Short description: A developer is able to sign several build using one command



Status: Proposed, Outlined

Proposed:|Accepted: date_here

Community Review: review_date_here

Use Case Specification: Sign all versions at once

1. Brief Description

A Java developer has a need to sign the application several times during the application development. The signing of the application makes it possible to test the application in a state resembling the release version. The more there are different builds the more it takes time. In case of an application with large device support hundreds of builds are signed during a project. The signing configuration information should be reusable. All the extra phases from the signing should be removed.

A Java developer signs all builds at once. The Java developer selects as many builds as he likes and signs all the versions with all the signing certificates he wants at once.

2. Flow of events 2.1 Basic Flow

B1: The user chooses the builds to be signed.
B2: The user defines where builds can be found.
B3: The user marks the certificate which he wants to use with each version.
B4: The user defines where each code-signing certificate can be found from the file hierarchy.
B5: The user starts the signing.
B6: The system creates all signings for the chosen builds.
B7: The system stores the information about the signing for reuse.

2.2 Alternative flows

Alternative flow 1:

3. Special Requirements

4. Preconditions

4.1 All code-signing certificates are available
The user has all the needed code-signing certificates from Certificate Authorities (CA) as well as other certificates in his use.

5. Post Conditions

5.1 The versions embody the version specific hash strings
The system has included the version specific hash strings in the jad-files of the builds.

5.2 The versions embody all the wanted certificates
The system has included all the wanted certificates into the jad-files of the builds. The order of the certificates has been chosen if wanted.

5.3 The signing procedure is reusable
The system remembers all the choices made during the signing process: which builds should be signed, the places of the signing files etc. In order to redo the signing procedure the user can start it with just one click. The user can also modify the signing configuration if he wants.

6. Extension Points


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