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Upgrading your HIPP

Note: This section is in progress notes supporting Bug 422507

Note: Regarding upgrading 3.0.1-b2 to 3.1.x. If you have the promoted-builds-plugin installed "h1" make sure you upgrade to the promoted-builds-plugin "h2" before shutting down your HIPP instance and performing the upgrade. Otherwise your HIPP service will fail to start with a NullPointerException error.

Restarting your HIPP

If you do not have admin privileges for their HIPP instance, you can open a bug to ask webmasters to restart your HIPP instance.

For those that have do admin privileges for their HIPP instances, you can restart your own HIPP instance from your account page. See picture below.

Note: The restart button on HIPP Control panel acts pretty much like a "restart now" command, giving a short time for jobs to cancel themselves gracefully, but if they do not, will forcefully shutdown and restart. This is often desired, such as when there is a "hung job" or similar. But at other times, such as if you simply installed some new plugins, you can, from Hudson's "Manage Hudson" web interface, select the "Prepare to shutdown" button, which prevents new jobs from starting, saving them in the queue, and once all jobs have finished, then select "restart" icon from the HIPP Control Panel on your account page.

Sample HIPP Control Panel, showing restart icon

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