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SensiNact/Bridge OpenHab


This bridge finds the OpenHab instances running on the local network and instantiates its switch devices into sensiNact without further configurations.

The switch type devices on OpenHab are devices that respond to ON/OFF command.


No configuration is needed as long as the UDP packages between OpenHab and the sensiNact machines are not been blocked, sensiNact will be able to find the OpenHab instance without issues. Be aware that some routers are configured to block this kind of packets in multi-hop networks, and VPN tunneling as well. In this situation, you can manually specify the OpenHab address using the method described below.


This method can be used to bypass the discovery method. In order to do so, create a file called `openhab-0.cfg` in the fileinstall folder (e.g. $SENSINACT_HOME/load/openhab/), with the following content:

# This should be replaced by the IP of your OpenHab serverip= This is optional, but if its omitted 8080 is assumed.port=8082

If you used this type of instantiation, probably you want to disable the discovery entirely by adding the line below in conf/config.properties.


This will create a pointer to a reachable instance of OpenHab. This procedure bypasses the discovery and should be used when the discovery was not able to find your OpenHab instance; This happens when you are over an SSH tunnel for instance.