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Scout/Scout Nomination RAS

Reto has been working on projects that use Scout as an underlying framework for several years. Therefore, he knows the codebase very well. Additionally, he provided several high quality patches.

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • 425514 Add BookmarkAdapter for pages
  • 418376 AbstractDataModelOp should implement Serializable
  • 408209 RwtScoutSmartField does not always update scout model in case text is deleted
  • 425513 Add adapter pattern to IPage
  • 408687 RAP: RwtScoutTable enabling
  • 424516 ColumnFilterForm should have ValuesTableField with multiline true
  • 421708 AbstractTable.resetColumnConfiguration() does not handle custom columns correctly
  • 423700 Attaching ClientNotifications in DefaultTransactionDelegate
  • 417807 Minor changes in AbstractDataModelAttribute/Entity
  • 400056 AbstractComposerField.importTreeNodeData does not work for EitherOrNodes
  • 414403 AbstractCodeType should allow delayed initializing

Scout Newsgroup/Forum/Wiki

  • 1353990 application configuration management

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