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Scout/Scout Nomination AWE

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • bug 396252: Multiple (Swing) Scout features in a single Eclipse application
  • bug 405353: Server to server proxy service-tunnel
  • bug 405354: Swing: hard-wired SwingScoutTable instantiation
  • bug 405544: Swing: SwingScoutForm, optional optimalSizePanel
  • bug 406059: Swing: hard-wirded SwingScoutColumn instantiation
  • bug 408304: Swing: use Scout-Swing classes without OSGI
  • bug 416324: Swing: hard-wired boolean column icon
  • bug 419434: Swing: Progress provider, task and sub task changes are not propagated

Participated (concept, test, support)

  • bug 408611: Rayo Swing UI: Allow to provide custom rayo.xml
  • bug 417688: Marketplace Docx4j: XlsxAdapter causes NPE
  • bug 398283: ValidateOnAnyKey for Number and Decimal fields
  • bug 424511: SmartColumn doesn't change value
  • bug 424603: Swing: initial focus in wizard not set when displayHint=VIEW
  • bug 430074: AbstractSmartColumn: missing property treat0AsNull

Scout Newsgroup/Forum/Wiki

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