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Stardust/Knowledge Base/SystemAdministration/SystemMonitoring/DeletingModels


In an Audit Trail of a heterogeneous environment with several partitions and models deployed within, one specific model or the models of a specific partition should be deleted.


All process instances of the affected models have to be either completed or aborted. There must not be any active process instances. The OIDs of the affected models have to be known (have to be looked up in the database). The DBMS connection data for the Audit Trail (type, driver, url, schema, user, pwd) are configured in the carnot.properties that is used by the sysconsole tool.


Parts of the Audit Trail can be archived with the sysconsole and deleted from the operations. By using the '-noBackup' flag, the data is really deleted and not just moved to another location.


sysconsole -password <SYSOP_PWD> archive -model <MODEL_OID> -noBackup