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  • Adrian, Mos
  • Stephane Drapeau
  • Alain Boulze
  • Zsolt Beothy-Elo


  • Status move to SOA TLP
  • Eclipse SOA BoF at EclipseCon egular PMC meetings



  • SCA: plans to initiate the move next week.
  • BPMN: ???
  • Mangrove: still in the proposal phase, Adrian wil contact Wayne for next steps
  • eBAM, eBPM: started to be in proposal phase, Zsolt will contact project leads next week whether the PMC needs to take some action here.
  • ther STP sub projects: mail to stp-dev went out calling for interested parties to move them to the SOA TLP.
  • JWT, BPEL Designer: Zsolt will send mail to project leads to invite the projects to join.


Adrian submitted a SOA BoF for EclipseCon. Aim is to gather input from participants for the SOA projects and to gather community. No specific preparation is necessary, just short meeting at EclipseCon before the BoF to clarify open issues should be enough.


Adrian asked to have an eye on the Mangrove newsgroup and send encouraging comments to his posts.

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