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new website out of eclipsecon presentation

The goal is, in follow-up to EclipseCon US meeting & presentation, make the EclipseCon common presentation be the new story told on the website.

Status : nothing new since last time, to be done.

Everybody now has rights to change the website.

further rebranding

Adrian suggests that SOA not appropriate anymore as a name : not accurately depicting what we now do (see last EclipseCon presentation ; rather bpm, design...), not that sexy anymore.

=> question : what are we, how to put it in a sexy manner ? => on next meeting agenda

refresh of possibly dormant projects

Ask them whether they're willing to participate (marketing / pitch, demo & conferences, releases...), otherwise they will be set dormant.


  • Nothing to do by the TLP itself
  • as usual, projects have to provide review documents & planning info etc.


  • Stardust CQ : zsolt will put it as bugzilla rather than mailing list archive

SOA PMC lead change

Zsolt steps down as PMC Lead. He as announced so on the SOA PMC mailing list, and will point Wayne to it in the archive.

On the side of entreprise commitment : not strategic members anymore but normal members, so will be able to set swordfish dormant (probably won't start a new project).

Marc Gille is invited to candidate as new PMC lead, which he does. Vote will proceed on the mailing list.

eclipsecon france

Nobody from SOA is going.

next meeting

Rescheduled on June 18th, see with new dial-in info at SOA/Meetings.

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