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  • Stephane Drapeau
  • Zsolt Beothy-Elo


  • Status of the future SOA projects
  • Feedback websites, next steps.



  • SCA, JWT: Everything ready for the move review, review should happen in the next 1 or two weeks.
  • BPMN: ???
  • Mangrove: Ready for creation review, this planned to happen 16th of March
  • eBAM, eBPM: still in the proposal phase
  • Policy Editor: Jerry is preparing proposal to create Policy Editor project under SOA TLP
  • BPEL Editor and other the STP sub projects: no feedback until now


Initial creation of the SOA TLP web site done, palnned to get feedback on the call. Due to only small participation will send email to PMC members asking for feedback and next steps.

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