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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Beyhan - EclipseSource
Florian - EclipseSource
Georgi - SAP
Holger - EclipseSource
Hugues - Intalio
Ian - EclipseSource
Markus - EclipseSource

Holger opened the first team meeting and started the round where we gave a short introduction of ourselves.
We discussed the proposed agenda[1]:

Indigo Participation

We all agreed that we do want getting on the Simultaneous Release Train for Indigo.

Our goal(s):

  • Contribute at least one runtime package.
  • Easier consumption of runtime technology in general.

What should this package contain?

  • Core package with Equinox and p2 only?
  • Package with Equinox, p2 and Jetty?

Where to put the package?

  • Enhance the eclipse main download page (e.g. new tab on
  • Same page as the EPP packages (e.g. section below the EPP packages;
  • Provide our own download page?

No decision made yet; it mainly depends on the Eclipse Foundation and needs to be discussed with them.

To meet the Requirements For Participation[2], [3] we discovered some work items:

  • Provide a project plan
  • Support from the Technology PMC (Project Management Committee)
Markus and Holger will contact the PMC.
  • Provide artifacts for next milestones and release candidates.
Hugues and Holger will take care of the necessary changes in the build process.
  • Paperwork (completed IP log)
Markus and Holger will take care of the paperwork, needs to be ready in May.
  • Contribute to the Indigo repository?
Ian pointed out there was trouble with runtime packages in the "IDE" repository in the past (i.e. how to prevent people from installing runtime components into their IDE where it doesn't make sense or (in the worst case) breaks things)

Build Process

We have a continuous build of rtp-packages[4].

Hugues and Holger offered to:
  • look at an issue related with Jetty,
  • take care of the upcoming milestone, rc and Indigo release build.

Configuration Tool

SAP is contributing the SAP bootstrapper[5], which is a command line UI for p2.

Beyhan suggested to create a  web based UI with RAP technology.

The goal of our configuration tools is that runtimes are easier to extend.

The bulgarian duo (Georgi and Beyhan) will discuss next steps.

Provide Guidance for new RT Users.

What are the pain points?

  • Missing guidance: How to extend a runtime and create a deliverable for a customer.
  • Missing tools to configure/assemble a runtime.
  • How to integrate in own build process? (Currently only documented in ant build files)
  • No unified way how to combine runtime and application bundles.
  • It is cumbersome to gather the scattered documentation.

How to provide the guidance?

  • Describe / offer guidance for the different ways:
    • the Eclipse way (PDE build) and
    • the Maven way (Tycho build).
  • Education component: Documentation, Webinars, Wiki pages …
  • Good and bad practices
  • Help developers: "How to build own packages on top of RTP?"
  • Aggregate the documentation (not copy and paste documentation but provide a place where to start, what to do in what order.)
Holger offered to gather the important documentation and provide links to 3rd party documentation.


There will be an RTP BoF[6] and an RTP talk[7].
We hope to get first feedback to the RTP project.

Anything missing?


Please edit/add here or comment on bug "RTP should meet the Indigo train requirements" [8].


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