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DSDP/MTJ/Proposal for Code Checkin

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In addition to all of the requirements for code checkin in the Eclipse process Development Conventions and Guidelines we should follow the following addtional guidelines.

  1. All code checkins should have a bug as a reference for the code change.
    1. Each bug should adress a single concept.
    2. A bug can have multiple checkins to address the issue.
    3. An exception for small spelling or formatting changes is allowed.
  2. All checkins should have comments attached to the checkin when it is committed to the CVS archive.
    1. All checkins should include the bug number at the beginning of the checkin comment. For example, prefix the comment with "Bug xxxxx: "
    2. The comment should describe the changes.
    3. The comment should not say 'small change', 'sync code', or something similar.
  3. All files modified should have their copyright statements updated, if necessary.
    1. If the file has not been checked in this year, there should be a year update.
    2. If desired, the additional contributors line should be updated.
    3. If the copyright has a single entity, and you are not from that entity, you should add the line 'and others' to the copyright statement.
  4. All code should be checked to make sure that it has been localized and internationalized using the 'external strings' selection in the IDE.
    1. Any new plug-ins should conform to the Eclipse legal requirements, such as having an about.html.

Look at TM Project Committer How To Checkin

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