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Platform UI/Testing

Platform UI Test Plan for 4.5 M7

The goal of this test pass is to achieve full coverage of the SDK to get a good overall picture on the state of the build.

Verify bugs

Verify bugs for 4.5 M7. If you verified a bug, please put the bug into "Verified" "Fixed" state and add the build ID of the Eclipse installation you used for testing to the bug report.


Their should also be a general functionality test of the Eclipse IDE/ See the component area testing page for the list of items to test.

Operating systems and regular testers

If you want to help testing on a regular basis, please add your name and operating system to this list.

Mac Leopard

  • Brian de Alwis

Vista or Windows 7

  • Wojtek Sudol
  • Dirk Fauth


  • Lars Vogel
  • Daniel Rolka
  • Simon Scholz