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Platform UI/Plan/4.2

This page was used to capture the list of work items that we focused on during the 4.2 development cycle.

Productizing Eclipse 4

This section deals with the tasks necessary to bring Eclipse 4's functionality up to par with 3.x as regards using 4.x as the basis for enterprise applications.

  • bug 280358 Intro: We have to provide a 4.2 specific implementation for the IntroManager. We should be able to do this in a more organized fashion than currently exists in 3.x
  • Accessibility: We need to ensure that Eclipse 4's accessibility is on par with that of 3.x.
    • some Renderer Work:
      • bug 317208 - Missing context menu on minimized views
      • bug 317207 - View tabs have no context menu - can't make it a fast view
  • NLS: We need to ensure that Eclipse 4's language support is on par with that of 3.x.
    • bug 319253 - [bidi] Bidi support in Eclipse: 3.x E4 and beyond
    • bug 306576 - Externalization/translation of strings in xmi files
  • Activities/Capabilities: We need to integrate the current Activities/Capabilities mechanism into Eclipse 4
  • Performance: We need to do a performance review of Eclipse 4
  • bug 328935 - Need a story for how to merge 3.x changes to o.e.ui.workbench into the 4.x stream
  • Make menus work as they did in 3.x:
    • bug 320478 - Cannot customize perspectives (views and also actions)
    • bug 348818 - Empty Design menu
    • bug 347643 - [Compatibility] Editor actions linger in toolbar when opening new workbench window
    • bug 331662 - [Compatibility] Menu ordering is off in 'Variables' view's view menu
    • bug 344121 - [Compatibility] Lazy loading does not appear to work for a dynamic contribution to popup:org.eclipse.ui.popup.any
    • bug 317438 - [Model] Replace Rendered* and Opaque* through the use of tags and the new transientData slot
    • bug 340369 - Tooltips for "Debug" & "Run" toolbar buttons do not display
    • bug 352380 - [Compatibility] 'Team' submenu shows up in context menu of 'Git Repositories' view
    • bug 320165 - Contributed main menu item should be hidden when empty
    • bug 351358 - [Compatibility] Toolbar ordering is off in 'Git Repositories' view
    • bug 319621 - [Compatibility] All views now have view menus
    • bug 349423 - [Compatibility] 'Source' and 'Refactor' menus disappear after installing Photran
    • bug 330115 - [Compatibility] support the old-style EditorMenuManager
    • bug 330106 - Where's my trim widgets?
  • Keybinding work, focused on reliability and lookup
    • bug 345916 - Regression to 3.7: Key Assist dialog: can't go to preference dialog via Ctrl+Shift+
    • bug 344181 - [Compatibility] Not all emacs keybindings override default keybindings
    • bug 332130 - [Compatibility] create runtime contexts correctly
    • bug 319696 - Key binding not shown for Search > Occurrences in File
  • 3.x commands need work
    • bug 331580 - handler processing should be in command addon
    • bug 263820 - [UI] Handlers seems to resolve their URIs early
    • bug 294749 - [Commands] Make the command model available during execution

Eclipse 4 RCP Improvements

This section contains tasks oriented towards the improving the Eclipse 4 RCP story.

  • bug 351363 RCP Views: We have to refactor some of the more common views to be usable in 4.x RCP apps without dragging in the compatibility payer. This will mean changes in both the 3.x and 4.x streams since it will mean turning these views into 'real' 4.x parts and then hosting them in 3.x through the use of Tom's 'forward compatibility' layer.
  • bug 350251 Refactor and extract bits from the org.eclipse.ui.workbench and org.eclipse.ui.forms bundles so that they can be reused in 4.x RCP applications
  • Updating AddOns and Fragment processing
    • bug 341732 - AddOns should have an "order" property that allows sorting to determine run order
    • bug 324954 - [Model] Allow model fragments to use XPath-Syntax to decide where to contribute
    • bug 327742 - HandledMenuItem command parameter names and ids in fragment.e4xmi must be identical to Command´s id, due...

Consuming new Eclipse 4 Features

These are the tasks needed to allow both existing and new Eclipse plug-ins to gain access to Eclipse 4's underlying API and use these to enhance their own component's User Interface.

  • bug 351366 Hosted Views / Editors: We have to allow views and editors to be hosted in Dialogs, Wizards etc. At the moment it appears that there are a number of places (i.e. selection) where a part that isn't the active part doesn't work (and you also can't make a part that isn't part of the presentation structure active).

Dependency Injection and Architecture

  • Service lookup simplification using eclipseContext.getActiveLeaf()
    • bug 341416 - Selection consumption for handlers using a single variable
    • bug 326190 - [EclipseContext] revisit how services are looked-up and contributed
  • Working alongside other DI mechanisms
    • bug 331746 - Allow control over construction of contributions
    • bug 331556 - JSR 330 @Inject in e4
    • bug 307458 - Using 'platform:/plugin' URI on handlers is not a good idea
    • bug 299553 - [UI] Cleanup IContributionFactory, IContributionFactorySPI
  • DI and Events
    • bug 331645 - EventBroker#unsubscribe is not working when same eventhandler registered for more than one topic
    • bug 317419 - UIEventPublisher does not handle multi remove properly
    • bug 309868 - Single EventBus is a problem in multi-user/multi-instance scenario
    • bug 331690 - Update our EventBroker usage in add-ons
  • OSGi
    • bug 330866 - OSGi integration story: injecting the proper bundle context
    • bug 330865 - OSGi integration story, plan of action
    • bug 331235 - OSGi context

Paying Down the Debt

This section deals with tasks related to detecting and removing TCS (Time Critical Solution) code.

  • bug 351851 - [Compatibility] we need to fix up 122 errors in our org.eclipse.ui.tests bundle
  • bug 351850 - Compile errors in org.eclipse.ui.tests.performance
  • bug 320932 - [Compatibility] Can't start Eclipse 4 SDK with proxy authentication. Note that this will depend on out getting the startup logic fixed at least to the point of not 'finishing' until the UI is actually displayed.
  • bug 349867 DnD Polish: We've got to be able to do something better than the feedback we currently have. Also need to implement DnD for trim elements...
    • bug 348599 Can't create stacks of another orientation after one already exists in the shared area
    • bug 348788 DND moves tabs backwards
  • bug 351367 Investigate eliminating the use of 'deltas': We need to see if there's an alternative implementation in which the model is stored using the EMF mechanisms. By preference we'd prefer to include the Menu/TB info in the saved model and handle missing bundles etc during rendering / run time rather than trying to clear the elements out of the model before saving.
  • bug 318182 - [UI] Fix injection life-cycle - renderers, contexts, and the model
  • bug 338932 - Deprecate presentationFactories extension point

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