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Platform-releng/Releng meetings/20120424

Meetings for Platform Release Engineering. These are intended to be short, very focused meetings, concerned with narrow range of topic, such as making 4.2 primary build, building and testing the platform on, and similar. Many issues can be solved via IRC or bugzilla, but best to have a phone meeting scheduled to help make sure we (or, at least me, myself :) stay on track.

These are scheduled every Tuesday, 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM, until June 5th, and ideally we won't need them that long! The call-in number is

888-426-6840 Participant Code: 6460142


dw, John? Bogdan? Steve? Paul?


  • Do we really need hudson-perf1-tests or can we well webmaster to "convert" to normal slave?
  • I assume the linux tests can run on any x86_64 box? Nothing special about "slave 6"? Does it matter since started wtih JSON interface?
  • Other topics?
  • Some progress on unit tests. (bug 377365) The "shortage of machines" (or hudson slugishness) shows up here, causes delays.
Can "drill down" on Linux tests

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