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Papyrus/Papyrus Developer Guide/How To- Plan contribution

How to contribute to the release plan

Release plan is contributed through bugzilla. It is relying on a given set of queries over the bugzilla base. All items that should be part of the roadmap have to follow the following rules in order to be present in the roadmap plan.


The bugs should be recorded against the 'Papyrus' component.


The keyword 'plan' should be set in the keyword field


The bug shall have the flag 'Mars' with '+' set.


The bugs to build the roadmap are classified against a predefined set of themes. For the Mars version of Papyrus, the following themes are available

Whiteboard Description
Editors All generic features related any kind of Papyrus diagram editor
Extensibility Extensiblity improvements of the MDT Papyrus implementation and APIs
Scalability Scalability and performance improvements of the Papyrus implementation and APIs
Usability usability improvements of the Papyrus implementation and APIs
Documentation Documentation of the Papyrus implementation and APIs, user & developer aspects
Miscellaneous Tasks that may not be included in one of the previous theme
Eclipse_Compatibility Support and compatibility with platform 4.X and 3.X

Version and Milestone

  • The target version should be set to the incoming release version, for example 1.1.0 for the Mars version of Papyrus
  • The target milestone is the expected milestone in which the feature will be published as a feature of the tool, and publicly available from the milestone downaload site. Target milestone can be: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, RC
    • For example, for a new feature expected to be in version 1.1 M4, set to 'M4'
  • If the feature is not sure to be in the release, for example, if it is not sure that committers will have time to work on that item, the target milestone should be set at 1.1.0. As soon as a committer can work on it, he will update the bug to set the target milestone.
  • If the feature is deferred, because of lack of time or impossibility to develop, the flag has to be set at '-'. It will indicates that the feature won't be developed in this flagged version

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