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Papyrus/Papyrus Developer Guide/Contributing To Release Plan

How to - Contributing to Release Plan for Neon version


This page is dedicated to developers or contributors for the incoming release for Neon release train. The goal is to contribute to the release plan so the community is aware of the ongoing work and plan. The plan is build using bugzilla queries, with special tags and keywords. The developers can also identify the kind of contribution, enhancement or development of a new feature, the theme targeted by the task (usability, customizability, etc.). All the content will be displayed on this page: Neon Release Plan.


The bugs need to be in the Eclipse data base, which means the person in charge of the bug modification (keyword, tags, etc) must be an Eclipse committer or must be the initial writer of the bug.

Fill in bug information

The release plan is split in several themes:

  • Customizability
  • Scalability
  • Usability
  • Editors
  • Documentation
  • Miscellaneous

To be listed in the project plan, the bugs should be filled in with the following properties:

  • Product: Papyrus
  • Component: Any of existing components in Papyrus
  • Version: 2.0.0
  • Milestone: planned milestone on which the contribution should be finished. Value can be M1->M7
  • Keywords: the bug should have the keyword 'plan'
  • Whiteboard: one of the following themes should be added : [Customizability|Scalability|Usability|Editors|Documentation|Miscellaneous]
  • Status : Will determine if the improvment / new feature is considered to be finished for the release. Value can be any of existing values

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