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Proposed Ideas

Title Category Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Possible mentor(s) Potential student(s)
Your project title here e.g. Cure world hunger Your project link here Your project description here. Be as precise and specific as possible. Link to bugs... Your name here Your Prospective mentors here (If you're an eclipse committer + the reporter, you should leave your name here too!
Improving the highlighting mechanism with semantic coloring PHP Editor The goal of this project is to improve the performance of the highlighting mechanism of the PHP Editor by adopting faster lexer for the highlighter and adding a new semantic coloring options. PDE Roy Ganor Roy Ganor William Candillon
Mylyn Bridge for PHP developers Leverage the PDT and Mylyn projects to provide context based tasks for PHP developers. Michael Spector Michael Spector Artem Beresnev
Support phar in Eclipse PDT The phar extenstion is added as built-in since php 5.3, Eclipse PDT should identify this file and provide capabilities to manage this files quickly with code navigation and exploration. Roy Ganor Roy Ganor <interested student here>
Line wrap in Eclipse PHP editors The Virtual (also called "soft") word wrap feature is not a full solution for Eclipse editors. New menu item "Virtual Word Wrap" is added to editor context menu. Currently it is wrapping properly BUT will make line numbering, active line highlight etc rendering damaged. All damaged line numbers, line highlights etc will be OK after disabling wrap for active editor! Roy Ganor Roy Ganor <interested student here>

More ideas:

  1. Editor Highlighter and PHP Doc improvements (hover and code assist)
  2. Editor Bug Fixes Code assist, Code templates
  3. Editor Bug Fixes Indentation, Formatting, Auto editing
  4. Unit Tests new features - Mark occurrences, performance - using Eclipse performance tests
  5. Improved code assist Context sensitive code assist, template code assist
  6. Backport DLTK to 3.5 Open Type, Improved Hovering, open declaration/implementation, Bread crumb,
  7. Documentation context sensitive help dialogs

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