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Orion/Meeting minutes/20170213


Silenio, Eric, Libing, Martin, Sidney, Casey, Steve, Curtis, Grant, Carolyn


  • Node Server
    • investigating upgrading to newer NodeGit release
      • would require moving up to a newer Node release
    • trying to get to adding support for shared tasks
  • Editor
    • [accessibility] adjusting syntax styling colors in default themes to ensure adequate contrast, in particular when text is selected
    • reviewing bidi code contributions
    • planning to make stand-alone editor example more extensible, to show more languages and potentially tooling support
    • syntax styling fix for large files
  • JS Tooling
    • changed placement of annotations on ‘program’ node
    • addressing issues with commonJS refs
    • other bug fixes as well
  • Collaborative Development
    • waiting for CQ on operational transformation (OT) library to clear
  • UI
    • adding accessibility on multiple editor tabs work
    • changes to unzip dialog

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