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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130321


(Reminder: Next week's meeting is cancelled.)

  • Eclipsecon starts on Monday and Orion has a number of interesting talks -- Orion sessions
  • There will be a F2F meeting with those committers in Boston to talk about planning for 3.0 after the BOF. The final 3.0 plan should be posted the first week of April.
  • ECOOP is putting on a workshop on JS Language Tools in July - it would be good to have Orion represented.


  • Andy - EclipseCon preparations
  • Ken - EclipseCon preparations including working on the tutorial for general consumption.
  • Bogdan - EclipseCon preparations. Work embedding the editor into reveal.js
  • Silenio - see above
  • Anton - internal work.
  • Grant - internal work.
  • Car - Initial look at accessibility in mobile devices -- long way to go
  • Libing - More work on NPM support. Sorting out encoding problems with getCWD in the shell
  • Mark - Some work with OrionHome and looked at RequireJS 2.0
  • Szymon - internal demo
  • John - EclipseCon preparations
  • Simon - Continuing work to embed Orion as a WAR file. Helped Libing with encoding problems for browsers that decode the hash (FF and Safari) when following anchor tags. Eclipsecon preparations

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