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Mylyn/Reviews/Reviews Convergence 2013

Sponsored Development
This work is developed by Tasktop Technologies in association with Ericsson and sponsored by Ericsson.


The goal of this work is to further converge Reviews and R4E while maintaining and enriching each approach. We'll be improving the Gerrit connector and also supporting a new R4E review type that fully integrates with the Gerrit review process, while preserving model extensibility to support richer R4E features.

The most important aspect of this effort for the first half of 2013 will be engineering the underlying technologies needed to support a common UI, persistence, and core model infrastructure, based on appropriate EMF based-technologies.


This section provides an initial "straw person" high-level design view of the proposed architecture.

Current Architecture
Interim Architecture
Proposed Architecture


Mylyn Components
Gerrit UI Components
EMF-Based Components
External Components
Future Components
Data/Model Stores
API Components
Squares (Burved Bottom)
UI Components



  1. Common UI Update Gerrit Editor for Model Changes Plan 0.0 / 4.0
    1. Common Editor Support Create Reviews EMF Edit Model Plan Migrate Model Code to EMF Edit Plan bug 400169bug 399700 0.0 / 1.5
    2. Improve Gerrit Task Editor Update Gerrit Editor for Model Changes Plan 0.0 / 0.5
  2. Common Edit Framework 0.0 / 22.0
    1. Implement EMF Edit support; migrate R4E and Gerrit Reviews Edit Framework Create Reviews EMF Edit Model Plan Migrate Model Code to EMF Edit Plan Support Shared Models Plan Share Review Models Plan Model Update Notification Plan Manage Review Models Plan bug 395646bug 394020bug 399700bug 394020bug 394020bug 400169bug 399700 0.0 / 7.0
    2. UI Synchronization and Concurrency support UI Synchronization and Concurrency 0.0 / 4.0
  3. Remote Reviews API 0.0 / 8.0
    1. Design Generic EMF-based Remote API Remote API Generic Remote API Plan bug 400167 0.0 / 1.0
    2. Remote API implementation for Gerrit connector Submit Model to Gerrit Plan Update Model from Gerrit Plan bug 394020bug 384770bug 344087 0.0 / 3.0


UI Synchronization and Concurrency
Prevent Concurrency Errors
All changes to Reviews whether driven from user interface or Reviews UI take place without concurrency related failures.
Fail on Long-Running UI Changes
Poorly behaved model edits are handled gracefully.
UI Editing and Updating Performance
All Review interaction is performant under all usage scenarios.
Batch Changes
Large Jobs (such as Gerrit based model updates) can be managed without interfering with UI or other model behavior.
Improve Cache Set Caching
Plan bug 389944
Specify Concurrency Model
Discuss and test alternatives for sychronization/concurrent updating.
Plan bug 332589
Reviews Edit Framework
Create Reviews EMF Edit Model
Implement Initial EMF based model.
Migrate Model Code to EMF Edit
All complex model changes should be mediated through EMF edit changes within Item Providers, ensuring that any model changes preserve model integrity.
Plan bug 399700bug 400169
Support Shared Models
Plan bug 394020
Share Review Models
Provide API for accessing one and only one model for each review from Eclipse workbench.
Plan bug 394020
Model Update Notification
Interested listeners (e.g. open review editors, review navigator) are notified when model elements have changed.
Plan bug 399700bug 395646
Manage Review Models
Provide a mechanism for caching, updating and disposing of stale reviews. This may be managed in EMF by having a single large model containing all elements, or perhaps by storing the reviews separately.
Plan bug 394020
Remote API
Submit Model to Gerrit
Plan bug 384770bug 344087
Update Model from Gerrit
Plan bug 394020
Differ Model Reads
Support deferring reads until the actual model elements are needed, with a generic interface for requesting these at a more granular level.
Plan bug 394020
Generic Remote API
Plan bug 400167
Gerrit Remote API
Implement Remote API for Gerrit.
Plan bug 400168
Improve Editor
Show Comment Annotations in Compare Overview
Plan bug 383151
Update Gerrit Editor for Model Changes

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