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This wiki page will contain information about Eclipse projects related to the topic, e.g., the Eclipse APP4MC project.

Help needed

To help us, we need collaborators:

  • Linux as a target for APP4MC Models
  • Extend the Polarsys Rover to multicore with APP4MC
  • Integration Papyrus-RT and APP4MC
  • Integration CDT / APP4MC

Initial Rover Contributions

Along with an AMALTHEA4public internal Hackathon during January 2017, rover contributions were collected to provide easy demonstrations of APP4MC capabilities. Such contributions include:

  • 3D model (.stl file format) to print an enclose attachable to the rover incorporating the Raspberry Pi, the power bank, 4 side-facing infra-red sensors, front and rear-facing ultrasonic sensors, the PI camera and necessary wiring
  • basic implementation of accessing sensor values for temperature, distances (IR & US), and camera images
  • AMALTHEA model utilisable by APP4MC representing basic C implementations
  • short tutorial on how to perform parallelisation within APP4MC und utilise results with a generated config file

Whereas some of the contributions are ready, others take some more efforts. Results are distributed either on the current rover GitHub, on this wiki page, and / or at the APP4MC webpage.

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