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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070606

Attendees: Harald K., Ariel, Mathias, Pawel, Mariusz, Mateusz, Martin, Thomas, Sylva, Christof, Nicholas, Harald G., Markus, Ashish

This and that...

  • Ariel and Harald were in contact with the GILDA guys. So we currently wait for infrastructure. It was agreed that we have to provide the WMS&LB Version 3.1
  • Pawel reported that the L&B and WMS 3.1 is installed in Cyprus. He was able to submit jobs and to get first results out of the LB system. But some of the WS services changed from 3.0 to 3.1, so the Stubs for the clients needs to be reengineered. The new version uses a different improved (hacked) security layer:
    • WMS is now running https without GSI
    • LB is using https with GSI
      both services use currently https
      If this has am impact on the httpg protocol used by SRM needs to be tested.
      There are problems with the new WMS and LB:
    • The geclipse VO is currently not supported
    • The endpoint must be published in the InfoSystem (and in the geclipse forum)
      Therefore the following actions are needed to improve in job submission:
  1. Fix the installation and configuration of the WMS and LB at UCY.
  2. Pawel creates the stubs for new service and tests the implementation for job submission.
  3. PSNC tests the interoperability with SRM implementation
    • George reported on some problems with submitting Jobs via Globus. The problem occur evenwith out file staging. The availability for file staging is urgent for the benchmarking features.
  • Propose a solution for the GridJobStatusUpdateManager: Pawel and Mathias discussed this issue last week, and proposed a first solution. The interfaces are agreed and the implementation will come soon. Pawel will send around the interfaces. The implementation for gLite will come as soon as the LB problems are solved. The Globus implementation should be available next week, even if there are problems with the Globus API.
  • Markus and George agreed on the usage of the Derby database system, which is provided by Eclipse. George is looking for a Java persistence framework from XML to RDBMS or from Java objects to a RDBMS. This persistence framework is not a showstopper and a decision will shifted after RC1.

Technical Discussion:

  1. Nicholas demonstrated some new features of the JSDL editor and the Mariusz did the same for the JSDL creation wizards.
  2. Mathias asked the WP leaders to define and adjust the different perspectives with him until the Poznan meeting.
  3. The grouping of jobs was discussed. One can create folders for jobs in the Grid project workspace already. Also the Jobs View supports that. We can currently live with this solution, but we have to discuss during the PSNC meeting.
  4. Mathias showed the new Connection Creation Wizards... which looked good.
  5. Sylva is in discussion with Markus to integrate the VTK tools in the framework
  6. Harald G. promised to demonstrate the “Queue management tool” next week.
  7. Ashish promised to demonstrate the Workflow tool next week.

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