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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070530

Attendees: Harald K., Ariel, Mathias, Yifan, Zhuayao, Pawel, Mariusz, Mateusz, Martin, Thomas, Sylva, Christof, Nicholas, Harald G., Markus, Ashish

Release report Mathias reported the build worked fine on Friday and was successful. Due to the migration to Europa M6, we have problems with dependencies and the update pages. We assume that this will be fixed the next week in the Europa context. Therefore this release should be seen as an internal evaluation milestone release. This should not go to our public update page. Everyone agreed. Thomas reported that Sylva was able to install it and it worked. But there are still dependency problems. Ariel mentioned that a full product build would solve the problem. Harald asked the project members to test the milestone, but the project will continue with the development based on a target for Europa and will test against the head version of the g-Eclipse repositories (SVN and CVS) Mathias complained about some repository commitments on Friday. If there is a milestone build, NO developer should submit anything. Ariel promised that we will have products for Linux and Windows soon.

Planning for month June/ track to RC1 For the next month, Harald started the discussion about the targets and the next steps. The target is


We have to become better in quality and we need therefore some endeavors. What will be release in the g-Eclipse RC 1, should be of mature quality. Quality should go before functionality.

The following next steps were discussed:

  • Target
    • Markus will provide an updated target system based on Europa releases latest on Friday. This is the target against we will develop.
  • Restructuring
    • We need some refactoring of our plugin structure. This should be led by the work package leaders. The following blueprint was discussed:
      • the g-Eclipse core is one feature
      • additional features will be provided for every middleware
      • JSDL will be a part of the core, as JSDL is independent from the middleware. The JSDL plugin contains the JobDescription too and has subpackages: Jsdl, Jsdl.UI, Jsdl.model (containing only autogenerated code)
      • a possible separation of the EFS-GridFTP and EFS-SRM implementations will be discussed after RC1. A separation would allow us to integrate the EFS-GridFTP plugins to the EFS system independent of g-Eclipse. But this has no priority at the moment. The proposal from Mateusz about using feature fragments was discarded as this is not the way as Eclipse is doing the structuring of plugins.
      • The connection wizard should be reeingineered by Mateusz and Mathias. Anyhow, every attempt to start a restructuring should be announced to the mailing list to ensure, that other developers have the chance to commit or to veto! The update of the workspace is recommended often!! Update the workspace often!!
  • The agenda for the Poznan meeting will be distributed soon. Today it was agreed to have a “feature freeze” on Thursday morning in Poznan, to ensure that the quality will be improved during the meeting in Poznan already.
  • The release date for the g-Eclipse RC1 based on Europa is 29th of June

License issues with Globus The problem of porting the Globus part to CVS is still open. License will take time and we should do that after Europa release. The CVS is currently fine for us. A separate EFS Dissemination of GridFTP should be done after the code is reviewed! The code review is done by Thomas and Mateusz this week anyhow. 04:05, 1 June 2007 (EDT)

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