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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070523

Attendees: Harald K., Ariel, Ashish, Mariusz, Mathias, Christof, George, Mateusz, Nicholas, Sylva, Pawel, Harald G., Yihan, Zhuayao

this and that

  • The first implementation of a workflow editing system is in the code base now. Still improvements are needed.
  • Integration of tests/metrics in our nightly builds: Ariel reported that the first work is done. There is an issue with the start of a workspace in a headless Eclipse environment. Zhuayao is working on the conversion of the XML output to a HTML file. There is progress, but not everything is solved today.
  • VO for geclipse tutor: The VOMS server for the VO is setup. Harald will contact the Gilda Testbed providers until the end of the week. The Workload system we need is gLite version 3.1 for WMS and L&B
  • Job submission
    • Pawel reported that he tested the L&B in Cyprus, but he could not connect to the L&B, even not from the command line! He will solve this problem together with Nicholas and Janis (UCY site admin). Pawel reported about another error when g-Eclipse is started. The L&B classes are not found due to problems with ClassLoaders. This prevents the L&B to be started and an error occurs. A discussion about the Update-mechanism for the JobStatus finalized in the proposal, that Pawel and Mathias will come up with a proposal that will be discussed with George and Thomas)
  • Operators perspective
    • George reported that nothing is really new. In the InfoSystemViewer some improvements were introduced like manual refresh. He mentioned that a better integration of benchmarks in the model would help:
      • How do we deal with thousands of Grid Bend jobs
      • There is a problem with the storage of GridBench results. Is there a database part of Eclipse which can be used? He will contact Markus about this.
  • Axis problem
    • Mateusz reported shortly on the problems. Thomas volunteered to assist Mateusz in finding a solution on the mess with different protocols like (httpg, https, http, ...). Both will organize the meetings offline to find a solution.
  • Code review
    • Harald proposed to have some code review during the next week. This will help people to find the ToDos and the NOT-ToDos. In principle all partners are positive, but some concerns about the slowdown of the implementation were mentioned. The need of metrics were mentioned too, even if this will not solve all problems.
    • It was agreed that Thomas and Mateusz will report next week on their experience during the next week working on the Axis problem.
  • Pre-Release
    • Mathias reported that the release is available since Monday. It is not building against the Europa RC1. Therefore we need a new target which should be provided by Markus next week.
    • Only 60% of the developers downloaded our pre-Release and tested it. This is not enough. And no one really tested it and submitted bugs to improve the quality (beside the project coordinator). WP leader must take more care on testing their parts. Every developers is asked to play around with the tool and to report on found bugs.
  • Plugin structure
    • Mathias mentioned that he wants to restructure both the features and the plugins. We should have at least three features, Core, Globus and gLite. This structure has to be represented by the plugins, too. At the moment we are mixing functionalities of different middlewares in our plugins. Everybody is asked to think about the restructuring process, i.e. where his/her plugins would fit best, which plugins may be merged with others and which plugins may be splitted.

Technical demonstration

  • George demonstrated a problem he has with the info system. When querying the system for the VO’s directory on a host this directory seems not to be accessible via GridFTP.
  • Ashish showed a first version of the workflow editor. To bring up the editor one yet has to manually create a file with the “.workflow” extension. After that the editor comes up. It is implemented as a multi-page editor and makes use of GEF. 03:54, 1 June 2007 (EDT)

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