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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070516

Attendees: Harald K., Ariel, Ashish, Mariusz, Mathias, Christof, George, Kasia, Manfred, Mateusz, Nicholas, Sylva, Pawel, Harald G.

Action items

  • Remove all gExplorer related classes: Kasia and Mateusz are working on this. But the implementation will need some time and Kasia will be in holiday next week, it will not be available soon. Mathias agreed to implement the changes in the GridFileOpen... dialog to be able to change the JSDL part soon.
  • Discuss the suggested Pre-Release with your WP members: After some discussion it was agreed that the implementation of features will be extended for the M4 milestone form today to Friday evening. But the procedure should be followed in the future. The procedures are there to improve the quality of the product. And development should be interactively and continuously be performed. Not only the week before the milestone release.

this and that

  • Report from Manchester
    • Harald reported from the OGF and EGEE User Forum in London. The g-Eclipse project was presented on two booths – the one together with RinGrid, GridCC and int.eu.grid and on a separate demo booth. Especially the demo booth was always crowded by interested people. The demo during the demo session went well and the tools now ready to submit a Grid job within 5 minutes. The slogan The Grid in five minutes should be the slogan of the project in the future. The posters, the flyers and newsletter looked quite nice (Thanks to Anja Langner at FZK) and the movie went well. We raised a lot of attention. Especially we saw quite often people installing the g-Eclipse milestone release. Thanks to all people contributing to this success.
  • Dissemination
    • As we now have the newsletter ready including the Call for participation, Harald asks every partner to submit information to local Grid initiatives and other Grid mailing lists. All partners must contribute more active to dissemination.
  • Tutorial resources
    • Harald reported that FZK is setting up the VOMS server for a Virtual Organisation called geclipsetutor. This VO will be supported by Roberto Barbera and the Gilda testbed to enable newbies to test our g-Eclipse framework and the Grid infrastructure on the Gilda training testbed.

Technical discussion

  • Mariusz showed some more feature on the property views. For files on the Grid, file size and name are showed in the property views. More information can be added in the future. I.e. information about access controls or information about replica, ...
  • Mariusz showed some new functions in the JobView details view. During the discussion some changes and new approaches were recommended which Mariusz will implement.
  • Mariusz mention a property view for the JSDL, which was removed due to changes in the JSDL plugin structure. This must be solved when Markus is back from holiday.
  • Martin mention that he submitted code for the monitoring tool, but this can not be presented today.
  • Mathias showed the implementation of functionality for the VOMS proxy. Now roles can be selected and ordered by the VOMS proxy creation wizard. Some help instructions would make it more usable and a discussion about a better usability/user friendliness started. But as the Middleware is about to start with VOMS functionality, we leave the implementation like it is and wait for responses from users.
  • Harald wished for himself the possibility to select if the proxy should be VOMS or GRID. Mathias agreed to provide that feature as a part of preferences for VOMS/Grid proxy creation.

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