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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070502

Attendees: Ariel, Ashish, Christof, Harald G., Jie, Markus, Mateusz, Mathias, Nicholas, Sylva, Thomas, Yifan Zhou

Technical discussion

  • The eu.geclipse.terminal.ssh plugin now works for Eclipse 3.3, but it is not longer working with 3.2. This is not critical since we decided to fully switch to Europa now.
  • It was discussed if we should have an internal pre-release before our official milestone release in order to do some last-minute bug-fixing. The proposal was to have such a pre-release on the last Wednesday before our release. The work-packages are asked to discuss this internally before our next week’s meeting.
  • A decision was made that we definitely switch to Eclipse 3.3 now without forcing our plugins to be backward-compatible. Markus will therefore prepare a target we can develop against.
  • Review of M3:
    • In general Markus mentioned that the release was a good job and the resulting product is worth to be delivered to the public.
    • Still there are 14 open bugs for M3. The affected people were asked to move/close/update the corresponding Bugzilla items.
    • There were some last minute check-ins on Friday just before the release. This made things very complicated for the release team and should avoided in the future.
    • The test just after the release were satisfactory.
    • Markus stated that some views were removed for the release because of their non-functionality (i.e. 3D view, gExplorer). The debugging code was not stable enough for a milestone build and the integration was moved to M4.
    • The code quality has to be improved next time. This means we should have a longer quality phase for M4.
    • Markus also mentioned that the web pages were updated to announce our milestone release.
    • Mathias mentioned that people have to check-in more frequently smaller amounts of classes in the quality phase. It is not very helpful to have bunches of new classes just one day before the release.
  • Automated Nightly build:
    • Ariel reported that the build system in principle works and therefore we have nightly builds from now on.
    • The tests are not yet part of the build but will be integrated soon.
  • Quality:
    • Jie reported about the current quality of the project. The code style is not satisfactory. Also there are a lot of documentations missing (Copyright statements, javadoc, code doc…).
    • The development of metrics started with a new student in FZK. Everybody was asked to think about useful metrics for our framework.
    • Test cases have now to be implemented by every developer (7 out of 10 developers asked did not yet implement any test). If there are any problems with test implementation ask Jie for help.
  • Switch to Europa / Eclipse 3.3:
    • It was decided to completely switch to Eclipse 3.3 and to forget about 3.2 support.
    • The switch to Eclipse 3.3 should not be very difficult - but Yoxos is still on 3.2.
    • Markus will define a target for 3.3 and will announce it via Email. Then everybody has to switch immediately to this target.
  • JSDL Plugin Structure:
    • The structure of the JSDL plugins is still not satisfactory. Nicholas will try to fix this together with Markus.

Plan Items

  • Mateusz: LFC connection. Move SRM and GridFTP to Europa.
  • Kasia: Job Description Wizard.
  • Mariusz: Job Visualization, Statistics, Job Status.
  • Pawel: Job submission.
  • Christof: Debugging (Stagging).
  • Martin: Application Monitoring.
  • Thomas: gLogin fixes. Eclipse 3.3 connection management with EFS.
  • Sylva: First VTK implementation.
  • Ashish: Integration of workflows into architecture. First workflow editor.
  • Nicholas: Evaluate 3.3 issues. Extend the functionality of the JSDL editor.
  • Harald: Job Queue view.
  • George: Benchmarking.
  • Mathias: Problem reporting mechanism. Drag’n’Drop for IResources. Full implementation of VOMS proxy. Make Grid proxy independent from external jars.

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