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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070425

Attendees: Ariel, Ashish, Christof, George, Harald K., Jie, Kasia, Markus, Martin, Mateusz, Mathias, Nicholas, Pawel, Thomas

Technical discussion

  • Quality phase:
    • It was clarified that bug-fixing has highest priority during the quality phase. So rather spend time for bug-fixing than for reducing the number of warnings in your plugins.
    • Mateusz triggered a discussion about the handling of warnings from auto-generated code. Thomas mentioned that it is possible to suppress checkstyle warnings for specific projects. So it was agreed that projects that ONLY contain auto-generated code will be left out of the checkstyle tests.
  • Release:
    • The release schedule was fixed by Markus and Mathias. We will have a code-freeze on Friday morning 8am (CEST), nobody may check in any code in any of our repositories from then on. Markus and Mathias will afterwards make the build and bring it online. After that a mail will be send around and everybody is asked to download, install and intensively test g-Eclipse. With the release the repositories are opened again.
  • Demo Session:
    • Christof showed the debugging functionality. A discussion started if we are also able to debug Fortran code since Fortran is still the preferred programming language of many scientists.

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