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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070418

Attendees: Harald K., Ariel, Jie, Mathias, Kasia, Mariusz, Mateusz, Martin, Christof, Sylva, Thomas, Harald G., Nicholas, Markus, George

Technical discussion

  • Quality of the code
    • Harald forced the developers to commit to SVN/CVS only with comments. No submission without a comment in the future.
    • Mathias mentioned that we are entering the “Quality phase” next week. That means that we will have a feature freeze after next Wednesday. Then only quality improvements are foreseen. That includes Bug fixing, Code cleanup, problem dialogs, comments in code, ... The meeting next week will be the first quality meeting. Jie will come with a list of issues on quality.
  • Australian collaboration
    • Martin reported that Linz had a video meeting with developers from Australia about for TAU integration. This is a for debugging tools, which is already a part of the Eclipse PTP project. Probably Thomas will spent a few weeks in Australia.
  • Status with job submission
    • It is still not stable. The following problems were mentioned:
      • The Axis system must be carefully configured. Not all details are understood.
      • Problems with the https protocol.
      • Pawel was not able to show a successful job submission!
      • All partners are asked to try the job submission and report about the results!
    • There was a long discussion about the presentations of jobs in the workspace.
      • How do we name the jobs?
      • What is listed in the Grid project view?
      • The current Globus 2 and gLite jobs should look the same in the view!
      • The organization of jobs in the project view was discussed.
        • How do we clean up the job list?
        • How can a user organize his jobs.
        • Can workflow help?
        • It was agreed that we want to provide a framework, that enables the user to manage it manually by itself.

Harald promised a “beer” or a “gummi bear” for the first 10 successful jobs by one user!

  • Code submission
    • It was mentioned that we sometimes have problems with new submitted code. Please follow the standard procedure:
      • Use the project settings for Error, warning, … (see forum)
      • Use the checkstyle and correct the bad style. Eclipse formats the code for you on request.
      • Submit only code that compiles.
      • Check before submission if there is an update of other packages in SVN/CVS already.
      • COMMENT your submission!
  • Creation of folders on Grid storage resources
    • Currently we can browser Grid storage resources and move data. But we can not create folder on the resources.
      • Thomas is optimistic, as on general solution will be provided by EFS anyhow. But this will come with Eclipse 3.3 (Europa). But we are currently using Eclipse 3.2 (Callisto). Thomas and Mateusz will study the best roadmap.
  • Drag and drop of files
    • Mathias presented the current state. Transfer from one GridFTP server to another is fine,
    • Transfer form/to SRM storage resources is possible too. There is a problem of transfer within the same storage resource.
    • The overall progress is very good.

--Mknauer.innoopract.com 14:32, 23 April 2007 (EDT)